And we’re going for the Champions! Everyday we train hard to achieve this, and on game days… we are overflowing with talent. Persistence, creativity and experience are the pillars of our team.
We give it all in every match. All of the points that are in play are valuable. We fight for each one with effort, coordination, communication, confidence and commitment. It doesn’t matter if the rival or challenge is big or small. We generate imaginative ideas that break the mould and stand out, and sometimes we score with the most daring ones.
We fight for victory. We are excited to see our clients grow day after day. We push ourselves so that the audience is excited by and enjoys the results.


We feel fortunate because we do what we love. Our ‘players’ have a calling for their profession and they have earned their starting spots on this multidisciplinary team. Each one in their position, with dedication and teamwork, contributing their talent to the group: design, creativity, photography, copywriting, web design, advertising, marketing, planning, strategy… all combined with a common goal: to increase the sales of our clients. “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”, Michael Jordan.


We work on all of our ideas as a team, and thanks to our bond, we provide solutions to the challenges that our clients pose to us. In the ‘locker room’, we debate, integrate points of view, draw, come up with ideas… We’re used to thinking differently. We use unusual perspectives and resolve all challenges creatively: the image of a product, the design of packaging and containers, a new corporate identity, how to increase product sales on the shelves… On the playing field we divide the effort and multiply success with good results.


Every game that we play, every project that we develop, is the most important one. The points that are won are the reward for all of the effort. We like to win. For this reason, we direct top-level teams that are customized to the needs of each product or client. The star recruits of Empacke are its collaborators, with their top performance, involvement and professionalism, who help us to count the games by the number of victories.

Luis Muñoz

Luis Muñoz

General Manager

Founding partner of Empacke, in 1991, with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, specializing in Graphic Design and Industrial Design. “We strengthen research of the sector in order to offer a top-quality service. It is my pleasure to work with the client, understand their needs and their goals. We create a tandem to create graphic pieces that represent the philosophy of the company or product”.

Alejandro Mogollo

Alejandro Mogollo

Art Director

Holds a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Seville in the Graphic Design branch; post-graduate studies at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. “I provide graphic solutions suited to the client’s needs. I get a feeling of satisfaction from creating something that is useful and at the same time adds beauty to the surroundings”.


Dani Munné

Creative Director

Technical specialist in Graphic Design and Advertising. “Since the trends and the client’s needs change from one day to the next, we are in a constant process of recycling. Before, they needed a printed catalogue, but today they need an online store, an app or maintenance of their social networks. The clients evolve, and we evolve with them”.


Ana Belén Alcalá

Marketing Manager

Degree in Advertising and PR from the University of Seville. “I work in two areas. One, based on the relationship with the client, briefing, understanding their needs, communicating them to the designers and preparing the project proposal. The other is online communication and coordination with the sales team”.

Juan Miguel Guerrero

Juan Miguel Guerrero

Web Design Manager

Dedicated to designing digital products since 1999. “I imagine how something that doesn’t yet exist would work, in order to build it. I convert the client’s wishes into technical specifications so that the developers and designers will be able to create a product that fulfils the expectations and business objectives”.

Carlos Sánchez

Inma Tenor

Communication Manager

Degree in Communication Sciences (CEADE), specialized in Journalism. “I’m comfortable working in the communication area. I like human contact, talking and listening to people, creating stories with text and images, playing with typefaces, composing designs and having a different perspective of reality”.

Carlos Sánchez

Carlos Sánchez

Graphic Designer

Graduate in Architecture from the University of Seville and Senior Technician in Design. “Both in my personal and professional life I seek to represent ideas in a graphic way, be it a building, a brand, a container or a character”.

Enrique Gordillo

Enrique Gordillo

Director of Photography

Self-taught and dedicated photographer with extensive experience. “I don’t reproduce images; I create them. My images tell different stories. I use the camera to explore, getting closer to the product and showing it from other perspectives, always applying the directive of accurately depicting its size, quality and shape”.


Miguel Ángel Verdugo

Business Development

A computer engineer specialized in account profiles and management. “I am in charge of business development and serve as the director of sales in agencies and technology companies. I am passionate about technology, discovering new opportunities and helping the companies that I work with increase their turnover”.

Cristina Leal

Cristina Leal

Account Executive

Degree in Advertising and PR from the University of Seville and post-graduate studies in Research and Communication. “I work with clients, present proposals, prepare budgets, manage internal work, market studies and corporate presentations.


Carmen Montaño

Account Executive

Graduate in Marketing and Market Research, Master’s in International Trading Company and expert in brand management. “I manage accounts for Empacke. I work together with both the management and the marketing, design and communication departments”.


If you’d like to join our team, get in touch with us. Fill out the form and tell us what you know to do and what you’d like to do. Click the button, fill out the form and tell us your concerns.