It all begins with the challenge that the client lays out for us. Each package design or brand development project is a world of different needs that require customized handling. We work shoulder to shoulder with our client to contribute strategic solutions.
First, we listen and get a feel for the sensations that the brand promoter, who is the one who knows the brand best and who is closest to it, transmits to us. We take its pulse and examine its genetics in closer detail.
We study the company, the brand and the product, their positioning, goals and expectations, we run a SWOT analysis, examine what it represents, the values that are to be transmitted, we research the sector and the market, as well as consumer purchasing trends.
Based on the briefing, our creative team, made up of experts in corporate image design in Seville (Spain), come up with the visual expression of the brand or the product. We translate the ideas into sketches, which we present to the client. We come to an agreement on them to select the proposal that is best suited to the client’s real situation, and lastly, we make adjustments and modifications. The creative process culminates with the preparation and printing of the final art. The brand comes alive and is ready to grow and become a sales success on the shelves.


After studying the market, developing the sales strategy and analyzing buyer psychology, comes the big moment. It’s time to create, where the imagination knows no limits, but does have a goal: to give shape and color to a brand image that generates impact. We have to seduce your ideal audience, communicate your philosophy and create a brand that is seen as something different, unique and genuine. To do this, we will use different graphic resources, until the most attractive idea that can connect with the consumer’s heart takes shape, always following the corporate image design idea that is best suited to the client’s needs.


We encourage our clients to think big, as if their product was the leader in international exports, or their company a large multinational. Any project, no matter how small, must be handled professionally. That’s how we see it and that’s how we work. High-quality photographs taken by our team, retouching images that add life and perfection, hyper-realistic drawings that surpass nature, creative designs aimed at the target audience, standardized color tests, layouts that are almost real to test the final art… At Empacke, we know how to do it.


The palette of colors fans out to awaken emotions: romanticism, tenderness, warmth, optimism, energy, glamour… The typeface catalogue offers us a wide range of possibilities: serif fonts, sans-serif fonts, scripts, decorative fonts… All different, all with character: elegant, sophisticated, hand-drawn, child-like, traditional, cutting-edge… We design the anagram. Although many brands do not have an icon, it is a symbol that will be very useful for future applications. We prepare the images that will go along with the brand, paying close attention to the details. Everything communicates: pose, framing, depth, outfit, atrezzo… We watch for the sensations that we want to transmit and this is how we work on a corporate image design from Seville (Spain) that hits home, excites, attracts attention and is identified with the brand and the product both nationally and internationally.